Hand crafted quality

Our Process

Our bar soap is handcrafted using the old world traditional cold process method.  Glycerin, which draws moisture to the skin, is a natural by-product of this process.  Commercial manufacturers of soap often remove this glycerin during production so they can use it in their lotions and creams.  We leave every bit of glycerin in our soap for ultimate moisturizing.  In fact, sometimes our soaps will have thin transparent veins called glycerin rivers; proof of the skin-loving goodness.  


Our silk and shea butter soaps each start with a high percentage of nutrient rich pure olive oil, coconut oil for a fluffy lather, sustainable palm oil for a hard and long lasting bar, castor oil for a dense creamy lather that conditions and moisturizes, organic shea butter for its moisturinzing and healing properties, skin-loving glycerin and pure tussah silk for a shiny and silky-feeling bar.  
We add a different combination of additives to each type of bar for extra benefit to the skin, for colour, and for texture.  We are always experimenting with different additives but some of our favourites include: tropical butters like cocoa butter and mango butter; botanicals such as rose hips, chamomile and calendula; aloe juice; rich buttermilk; organic carrots for a lovely orange colour; oatmeal for a gentle and soothing scrub; poppy seeds for an invigorating scrub; and purifying bamboo charcoal.


We pay careful attention to decorative detail that can include complementary colour choices, swirling and decorative textured tops.  We do not use dyes to colour our soaps but instead use a variety of micas, oxides, ultramarines, botanicals and clays.  Mica is our ingredient of choice to achieve wide-ranging, bright and attractive colours because the mica is not absorbed into the skin.

Not Included

Our soaps do not contain triclosan, dioxane, sulfates, DEA, PEG-6, formaldehyde or parabens.