A Family-Owned Business

Boudica is a family business that we started because we are crazy about artisan soap and body care products.  Passionate, curious and, well....obsessed!

We discovered the skin-loving properties and beauty of handmade soap about fifteen years ago.  Once we experienced soft, moisturized skin when using handmade soap, we were hooked.  We travelled long distances every three to four months to our favourite soap store and brought home huge shopping bags of handmade soap.  Making the soap appealed our creative sides so in 2011 we started learning, learning, learning and eventually developed a passion for making soap in all forms.

This passion for soap gradually blossomed into a passion for other products.  Our family was tired of irritated scalps and had trouble finding more natural shampoos and conditioners that left our hair healthy and soft.  After a year of testing, we developed a shampoo and conditioner that left our hair feeling fantastic without dangerous or irritating ingredients.  Rave reviews from family and friends (and our hairdresser) followed.  We couldn't stop there so we continued to explore other beauty products.

After over two years of testing our soap and other products on willing family and friends, and with the encouragement of those family and friends, Boudica was born.  Our business is blossoming and we are currently working hard to develop our online shopping experience and product offerings.

We continue to create products with thoughtfully-chosen ingredients that are safe, ethical and beautiful.  The products that we sell are of the same high quality that we choose for our family.