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Spa Bar, Mango Tangerine

If you like the ever-so-popular scent of our mango tangerine soap, you will love this salt bar in the same scent.

Have you ever used a salt bar?  It is definitely a treat.  Each bar contains its full weight in sea salt.  As a result, the lather from this bar will be smooth and creamy like a lotion instead of bubbly like a typical soap bar.  Upon first use, the bar will feel quite textured and with a few uses, the bar will become smooth and will gently exfoliate your skin while the shea butter moisturizes with every use.  These bars contain designer fragrances (free of phthalates and nitro musks) and micas bright fresh colours.

Watch for more scents - coming soon!

Ingredients:  saponified coconut oil, saponified shea butter, sea salt, parfum, mica.

160 g

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